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Whether you are an aspiring professional performer or looking to have fun, make friends, and explore an interest in drama, Spotlight will have something for you!


We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced private vocal lessons for children and adults.


Looking for piano, guitar, drums, percussion, strings, winds, or brass instrument private lessons? We’ve got you covered at Spotlight!

About Spotlight

Welcome to Spotlight!

We provide a variety of services in the performing arts including private voice and instrumental lessons, acting classes, audition prep, master classes and college admissions.

Our studio is like a family

We learn, share, laugh, grow, and connect. We believe that each student is unique and needs to be nurtured in a way that best strengthens the teacher/student relationship. We give our  all with every lesson and expect the same of our students. We work hard and play even harder, laughing throughout our lessons, yet learning the entire way!

The best training available

We work alongside other dedicated, knowledgeable music and theater specialists in order to ensure that you have the best training available. This is not a job for us, but a passion.

Come sing, act, play and join our family!

What Parents And Students Are Saying

Shannon Buchanan

My 6 and 8 year old have been students at Spotlight the past two years in different capacities-from guitar, to voice, to piano, to special 10 week acting camps. Every experience with each of these teachers has been spectacular! They are approachable, flexible, and invested in sharing the joy of music with my children. Most importantly, they make every effort to make it fun for them! I am so appreciative at the level of care my children receive from the teachers and owners at Spotlight and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for lessons or workshops.

Kerry Moore

Spotlight was instrumental in preparing my daughter for college auditions. Erin, Kristy and the Spotlight team made sure that she had appropriate songs for her vocal abilities as well as picking monologues that suited her. They coached her, rehearsed songs, ran monologue’s, and repeated the process until she was audition ready! They invest so much of themselves, their experience and expertise in their students. I cant imagine my daughter getting through that grueling process without having had Spotlight training and support . 18 schools and auditions, hundreds of miles, and she is right where she belongs! And her dream school to boot!
Elon MT ‘26, thank you Spotlight❤️

Isabella Tokarz

I truly don’t know what I would do without my family at Spotlight Music and Theater academy. Kristy has been teaching me voice for over a year and the amount of growth I have seen in myself is tremendous. She has taught me so much and I am so thankful to have her as a mentor. From healthy vocal technique to acting through a song, the learning never stops with her as my teacher. She has also been incredibly supportive and helpful as I take part in the college audition process for musical theater. Her dedication to her students is very apparent and appreciated.

I have also been receiving acting training from Meredith for over a year and her generosity and compassion do not go unnoticed. Whether we are working a Shakespeare or comedic monologue, we never fail to have a good time together. Having her as one of my mentors has been a huge blessing especially because she is a current working actor in the industry. She is also helping guide me through the college audition process and is incredibly supportive. I love how she never fails to remind her students that our mental health is our top priority. She always knows how to cheer me up when I’m down and make me laugh.

I have also worked with Erin in regards to dance training and musical theater dance prescreens. Her positive energy is contagious and I loved dancing with someone who loves the art just as much as I do. There are truly an immense amount of opportunities at Spotlight and I highly encourage others to take advantage of them. I was able to take master classes from working industry professionals and dance with Sarah Meahl from Broadway’s Kiss Me Kate, Hello Dolly!, and Paramour. I am so grateful for all that Spotlight Music and Theater academy has done for me!

Cheri Kelly

Both of my daughters began studying with Kristy, Erin and the Spotlight Music and Theater Academy while in high school. And what a gift it has been! They have studied voice with Kristy, developing healthy vocal technique and confidence that continues to grow. As a voice teacher Kristy knows how to effectively communicate with her students. She is warm, welcoming, caring, and deeply committed to seeing her students grow and succeed. Last year my older daughter was involved in the audition process for college musical theatre programs. Kristy provided a wealth of information, wonderful guidance and tremendous support throughout that entire journey. My daughter was accepted and is now enrolled in a college musical theatre program that is an absolutely perfect fit for her, and it would not have been possible without Kristy.

In addition to studying voice, my daughters have immensely enjoyed participating in all of the musical theater classes and workshops offered at Spotlight. Erin Verina has provided wonderful training and excellent, constructive feedback for my daughters, particularly in their musical theater dance classes. My girls have also loved participating in Meredith Gosselin’s teen acting sessions. During the pandemic, my girls were thrilled to experience virtual masterclass sessions with Broadway performer, Sarah Meahl. Each week Sarah Meahl’s class focused on learning a different style of broadway dance while also learning about the history of the choreographers and their influence on Broadway. So many amazing opportunities are offered at Spotlight Music and Theater Academy, and I am so very grateful to Kristy and Erin for sharing their own gifts and talents so beautifully with my children.

Kendall Bryant
Student, BFA Musical Theater, Belmont University

I began working with Spotlight Academy during the spring of my Junior year of high school. Immediately, Kristy Solomon felt like my best friend and biggest advocate while starting my college audition process. She guided me through everything I needed to know about the complicated process step by step, and was there through it all. At the beginning, she helped me choose a unique repertoire that would stand out in the audition room and that would highlight all of my strengths as a singer and actress. Kristy motivated me to stay on top of all of my applications, essays, and vocal training. She was very invested in my process as an individual, and she paid attention to the smallest details of my auditions that made the difference when it came to getting into tough programs. She was there every step of the way, from filming amazing prescreen materials to deciding which school was right for me. We constantly worked my audition material until it was the best that it could be, and she helped me build confidence in the audition room. She gave me a pre-audition warm up and encouragement ritual that I still use. Having worked for several performance-based programs, she knows what programs look for in the audition room, and will help you achieve an amazing performance quality. She also taught me how to be myself in the audition room, and how to let my personality shine through. She was so supportive, and constantly checked in for updates. She helped me to make the best decision possible for me, and understand that I was meant to end up exactly where I was! I was also involved in several shows while working with Spotlight and Kristy, and she challenged me to explore the characters and do my best work when it came to being on stage. When I first started vocal lessons with Kristy, I was not a very technical singer. I had a very nasal-pop sound, which didn’t work for what I wanted to do with my career. She explained exactly what was going on in my voice, and how to fix the nit-picky problems that I was having. She took the time to explain the techniques and why they worked, which I had not had before. After just a few lessons, I had already seen lots of improvement and understanding why. By the time auditions rolled around, I was no longer struggling to get out of my nose when singing. I had also never explored classical styles, which are very important for a life in Musical Theatre. Kristy introduced the correct way to sing Golden Age music and Art Songs, which made up about half of my college audition song material. She challenged me to work my upper register, and my range expanded greatly because of her. Without her help with classical and golden age styles, I would definitely not have ended up where I am. Spotlight also offers dance classes and multiple masterclasses which allowed me to improve my dance technique before starting an intense BFA training. The whole Spotlight team has been incredibly encouraging, and I would definitely not have had such a successful experience without their help.

Maria Fenwick

My daughter has been so happy in her Spotlight classes. She has taken ballet before, but these classes are more her style: she gets to jump right into doing dances with fun music and great energy. She looks forward to class each week. And, as a parent, I have been really pleased with the Covid precautions. She’s well cared for and so happy at Spotlight!

Colie Smigliani
Chicago actor and theater educator, BFA Musical Theater, Roosevelt University

I went to Kristy after having a not-so-great voice teacher experience. I walked into our first lesson nervous and with little technique or faith in my ability to do anything. After only ONE lesson I left loving singing again. She continued for the next three years to be nothing short of brilliant. Kristy makes you feel empowered as an artist without ever sugar coating or babying. She will push you to do things you never believed you could while giving you the support you need along the way. She makes every student feel like they are her top priority. Kristy is fantastic at meeting a student, finding the holes in their training, and tailoring every lesson to fit their specific needs. She realizes that everyone is different and really leans into that. She is positive and upbeat in every lesson and is so passionate about the work she does. Kristy is one of the few teachers I have ever met that loves her students and her art with every bit of her being, and I would not be living my dreams if it weren’t for her. I owe her absolutely everything.

Caitlin Waugh
Private Voice Student

I joined Erin’s studio at the end of my junior year. In such a short period of time, she helped me not only improve my under-developed technique, but also just become a more confident person and performer. She is one of the kindest, most supportive people I have ever met, and instilled a confidence in me I never had before. It is because of her belief in me and my ability to improve that I’m planning on pursuing musical theatre in college. I am so grateful for her and all she’s done for me.

Kristin Swan

Erin is a great talent and teacher. She is responsive, knowledgeable and helped my daughter feel well prepared for an audition. We highly recommend her!”

Annmarie Galvin

My daughter had an amazing time at the musical theater summer camp! She wishes she could “do this every day”! The instructor, Erin, was expert and fun! The special visit from the professional actor and the trip to see Aladdin at the Opera House put this camp over the top awesome!! We will be back.

Bryan George Rowell
NYC actor, company of Addy & Uno, musical theater student at CAP21 / New York Film Academy

Kristy was my SAVIOR. She helped me rediscover my instrument, identify what was and was not working, and explore different options in styles. Kristy supplied this in a welcoming, comfortable, and safe work environment. She gave me the confidence to audition for conservatory programs and make the big move to New York City.

Faith Porter
NYC actor, BA Musical Theater, Marymount Manhattan College

Kristy, very literally, taught me everything I know about singing. I met her at the end of my junior year of high school and by March of the next year I was in my dream college for musical theatre because of her. She took the time to actually get to know me and tailored exercises in a way that made my dancer brain become a singer brain. No one has ever made me feel so comfortable while pushing me to do my best. She not just a teacher and mentor, she’s a sister and friend.